CODE NL-D: Symposium I

Reclaiming Digital Agency

26 June 2021
14:00 — 17:30

Location: Online programme
Connected Digital Europe (CODE) NL-D is a collaboration between IMPAKT Center for Media Culture in Utrecht, the Netherlands and School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe in Berlin, Germany. CODE NL-D seeks to bring together artists, concerned citizens, politicians, and policy makers to engage in dialogue and critical discussion in the realm of digital agency. Our desired goal is to influence public policy and define ways in which we can improve laws and legislation that will protect us as digital citizens and consumers.

The first symposium centers around the questions ‘What kind of change do we want?’ and ‘How can we contribute to this change?’ We will tackle each topic separately through two panel discussions as we confront issues relating to current and new technologies and their societal impact. With a focus on the legislative landscape in Germany and the Netherlands, we want to understand the potential of cross-disciplinary collaborations and artistic intervention to catalyze system change.

Do you like to think with us about how to reclaim digital agency?

Read more about CODE NL-D here.




14.00 – 14.05h Opening and introduction

14.05 – 15.00h PANEL 1: “What changes do we want?”

In this panel we will put forth several questions in order to dissect and discuss the current state of our digital agency. How do our invited speakers see the power imbalance between technology companies and us as users and consumers? Which technological developments should we be most concerned about? And what kinds of solutions are possible? What changes in legislation need to be made? How can politicians, NGO’s, activists and artists collaborate?

Participants: Evelyn Austin (Bits of Freedom), Leonieke Verhoog (Public Spaces) Queeny Rajkowski (Digital Affairs Committee Dutch Parliament and member of parliament for the liberal VVD party). 


15.00 – 15.15h BREAK

15.15 – 16.00h SHORT KEYNOTE

Jillian York is an author and the director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation


16.00 – 16.15h BREAK

16.15 – 17.15h PANEL 2: “How can artists inspire these changes?”

In order to create the changes that are needed to improve our digital agency we need to raise awareness on the issues we are most concerned about. How can we inform the general public and inspire them to learn about and seek alternative platforms and technologies? How can we contribute to the surrounding discussion of these issues in the media? How can artistic intervention lead to dialog with politicians and policy makers in support of legislation that brings the interests of citizens and users to the fore?

Participants: Marek Tuszynski (Creative Director and co-founder of Tactical Tech), Sarah Grant (Founder of the interactive media studio Cosmic.Berlin) and others.




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