Panel Discussion

Online Dating with a Twist

Melanie Bonajo, Skinship and Jonas Lund

5 November 2021
12:00 — 13:00

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

Artists talk moderated by Annet Dekker //

How to make online dating more intimate and accurate? Artists Melanie Bonajo and Jonas Lund talk about The SKINSHIP Dating Show and One on One +1, the two art projects they produced for the IMPAKT Festival.


The pandemic has shown the importance and possibilities of presenting work online. IMPAKT supports digital-born works and has made sure that the Modern Love programme will also conceptually ‘live’ on the Internet. We commissioned the artists Melanie Bonajo and Jonas Lund to respond to the theme of the festival (modern love) with works that can be presented online. These projects complement the physical exhibition and can be accessed via IMPAKT’s web portal.

Play, humour, sensuality and curiosity are central to Melanie Bonajo’s performance. She presents live online theatre in the form of a dating show on a video calling platform, providing a safe space that resists the sexist and hurried nature of most dating apps.

Melanie Bonajo’s SKINSHIP Dating Show

Jonas Lund has created an online site-specific performative intervention, exploring the consequences of matching algorithms and automated decision-making. What constitutes a serendipitous encounter? How far would you go to become the perfect match?

Jonas Lund’s One on One +1



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