Panel Discussion

Self-Fashioning in the Age of Social Media

With Edward Akintola Hubbard, Kyra Gaunt and Marijke De Roover

6 November 2021
16:30 — 17:30

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

Panel discussion //

In virtual environments we pose, make selfies and carefully choose how to present ourselves. The rise of image-driven social media and dating platforms like Instagram, Tinder and Grindr has led to a culture of personalised visual aesthetics. Ordinary people worldwide have the chance to curate their own bodies, hair, fashion and locations for various uses – whether commercial or non-commercial. The self has become the main protagonist in a new industry of stories and galleries. How do these developments challenge our traditional ideas about what ‘art’ is? How are sex, sensuality and normativity expressed and contested on these platforms? What new genres and radical approaches to self-presentation are we witnessing? Are the stakes involved in personal visibility the same for everyone?

We talk about these issues with Edward Akintola Hubbard, Kyra Gaunt and Marijke De Roover. Edward Akintola Hubbard is assistant professor at the University of Utrecht, researching pop culture. Previously, he designed and taught courses at Harvard and New York universities on media and globalisation, avant-garde aesthetics, cinema, queer studies, urban arts and experimental etnography. Kyra Gaunt is an ‘ethnomusicologist’ and social media researcher working as an Assistant Professor at the University at Albany. She examines issues of gender and race in online platforms – from YouTube to Wikipedia. Marijke De Roover is an artists who makes ample use of the visual languages of social media. During the festival she is also presenting two performances (Live, Laugh, Limerence as part of the opening programme and The Eggcellent Adventures of Marijke De Roover / Part 1: A Womb of One’s Own on Saturday evening) and her work is part of the Modern Love exhibition at the IMPAKT Centre and the Centraal Museum.

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