The Eggcellent Adventures of Marijke De Roover / Part 1: A Womb of One’s Own

Marijke De Roover

6 November 2021
21:30 — 22:00

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

Performance // 

The Eggcellent Adventures of Marijke De Roover is a TEDx musical. Using the slogan ‘ideas worth spreading’, the TEDx talks presentation format provides a platform for local speakers sharing very personal stories in a staged, pseudo-scientific context. The narrative is often one of empowerment and of obstacles overcome.

In this performance, Marijke De Roover uses this format for her own personal story on lesbian fertility assistance – with a little bit of extra drama. The artist performs as herself, blending elements of TEDx talks and musical performance – singing the very dramatic experiences of failed in-vitro fertilisation cycles and answering people’s ignorant, or sometimes hurtful questions – along with more matter-of-fact sociological research into heteronormativity and explorations of what it means to be a lesbian wanting to have children through assisted reproduction. The Eggcellent Adventures of Marijke De Roover provides a voice, challenges normativity, reveals the unknown and creates a new vocabulary for change.

Marijke De Roover’s performance will be presented at the IMPAKT Festival with the kind support of the Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond.

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