AI Romance and Freudian Labyrinths

With Gabriel Abrantes

5 November 2021
Location: Het Huis The Attic
13:30 - 14:30
6 November 2021
Location: Het Huis The Attic
15:00 - 16:00

Screening //

What if humour is actually the basis of human relationships across the world? Get ready for Gabriel Abrantes’ layers of unlikely readings, subversion of traditional narratives and absurdist humour.

The screening programme AI Romance and Freudian Labyrinths will take you from the deepest recesses of the artist’s subconscious to an indigenous village in Brazil, in Freud und Friends (2011) and Artificial Humours (2016).


** Please note that this programme will be screened exclusively in Studio 3 in Het Huis Utrecht. For online visitors, we curated a special IMPAKT TV episode, with extra film works and interviews with artists and special guests. Check out the IMPAKT TV programme here


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