Ocean of Love

Alexa Karolinski and Ingo Niermann

4 November 2021
Location: Het Huis The Attic
17:30 - 19:10
5 November 2021
Location: Het Huis The Attic
17:30 - 19:10

Screening //

(Germany 2019, 93:00 minutes)

Alexa Karolinski and Ingo Niermann make war movies about love. They founded The Army of Love, an alliance that offers trainings, recruitments, discussions and testimonial videos to promote the redistribution of sensual love to all who need it.

Produced in Cuba, Ocean of Love is a docu-fiction showing ten volunteer members of the Army of Love carrying out daily routines while answering questions about love and labour. Here, in one of the few remaining socialist countries, the members of the Army describe an automated future in which the only remaining form of human work will be the distribution of love. Contrary to romantic traditions that understand love as a personal act of involuntary passion, Ocean of Love imagines a society in which everyone can give and receive love according to their needs, regardless of whether their bodies conform to orthodox canons of desirability and beauty.

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