IMPAKT TV with Doortje Smithuijsen

From influencers to internet addiction: a conversation about our digital behaviour

1 September 2022
20:00 — 21:00

Location: Online: Planet IMPAKT

On 1 September the philosopher, journalist and documentary producer Doortje Smithuijsen will be our guest at IMPAKT TV. Smithuijsen studies analogue people in their increasingly digitalised environment. She has made documentaries about influencers, child vloggers, and the online cancel culture. For her latest book on digital addiction Iedereen Verslaafd? (‘Everyone Addicted?’) she visited, among other things, clinics and she spoke to psychologists and gaming, porno and Instagram addicts. The book will be published in September by the Dutch publisher De Bezige Bij.

Typical of Smithuijsen’s work is the critical gaze she also regularly turns on herself and her own environment. In this programme we will be talking to her about today’s Internet culture, and also looking at the future. What role do algorithms play in the life of an influencer? How are online hate and attention reflected in offline social relationships? How does the popularity of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube affect the way people now think of themselves, and how sustainable are these platforms? And what digital challenges still lie ahead?

IMPAKT TV is live-streamed every first Thursday of the month at Planet IMPAKT.
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The IMPAKT TV editorial team consists of Arjon Dunnewind (General Director at IMPAKT), Michelle Franke (head of PR at IMPAKT), Friso Wiersum (European Cultural Foundation, Expodium) and Rosa Wevers (PhD candidate Gender Studies at Utrecht University).

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