Creating Landscapes

Interactive exhibition at Grounded community Fort Lunet I

21 May 2022
— 29 May 2022
13:00 — 19:00

Location: Grounded, Fort Lunet I, Utrecht
€5 (regular) / €4 (discount CJP, Upas, Student, <18)

Daily exhibition tours at 15:00h and 17:30h
(except on the opening day)



From 21 to 29 May 2022, IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] and Grounded Collective present Creating Landscapes, a weeklong interactive media art exhibition at Fort Lunet I, curated by Paul Schmidt. Experience video games and interactive sound and storytelling installations. Take a trip into strange environments. Make direct contact with plants, animals and other non-human entities.

In a barren world, life flourishes again with each of your careful footsteps – then vanishes as you depart.
You embody a mystical river and the animals it nourishes.
A chorus of whispering trees tells you a story of losing yourself and becoming one with everything – but it all ends in a bleak landscape of separation.
Two children in a miniature forest show each other their secret places to play and share their tiny myths.
Follow the noise and music of the raw natural forces unleashed by a disconnected human society.  

Creating Landscapes is an invitation to explore new ways to relate with our surroundings; to bridge the gap between we humans and non-human forces. The separation of human and nature is a myth, a convenient story emerging from our desperate desire to control and exploit what we fear. But we are not in control.

The escalating climate crisis is showing us that our surroundings – the landscapes we inhabit – are non-human forces that offer the conditions for our survival. We are embedded in an environment of fellow protagonists in continuous, mutually dependent interaction.

The artworks are nested in the Grounded community at Fort Lunet I, a creative maker space running a multitude of bottom-up projects for the sustainable transition of local society.
With art games and installations by: Cooperativa Matajuegos, Krillbite Studio, Moth Loths, Felix Ruiter, Felipe VDDS, Roel Weerdenburg and drift root collective.


Events programme:

Saturday 21 May, 14:00h: Opening

14:00 – 19:00h

Creating Landscapes opens with two of the artist collectives present and a guided tour by its curator Paul Schmidt. The opening event also includes the premiere of Naklank, the sound installation by Felix Ruiter, Felipe VDDS and Roel Weerdenburg, followed by a Q&A with the artists.

Opening event:
14.00 – Doors open
15.00 – Welcoming speech and exhibition tour
15.30 – Premiere concert of Naklank
16.00 – Q&A with Naklank artists
19:00 – Exhibition closes

No reservation required for the opening

Sunday 22 May: Grounded local food market

13.00 – 19.00h

A local community market at the fort, organised by Grounded Collective with locally grown veggies, plants, arts & crafts, and a clothing swap – bring your own clothes and get yourself a new (used) fancy wardrobe. Also: Grounded food truck and music!

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Wednesday 25 - Saturday 28 May: Play Sessions

Let’s meet and explore the narrative games of the expo together. One evening per game, and all three after each other on Saturday 28 May.

  • 25 May, 18:00hAtuel (Cooperativa Matajuegos)
  • 26 May, 18:00hSunlight (Krillbite Studio)
  • 27 May, 18:00hThis, too, shall pass (Moth Loths)
  • 28 May, 14:00h Atuel, 15:00h Sunlight, 16:00h This, too, shall pass

No reservation required

Sunday 29 May, Sunday: Food Autonomy Festival

12:00 – 21:30h 

Sowing Solidarity, Growing Resistance, Harvesting Autonomy

Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) celebrates alternatives and resistance to the industrial food system by creating a space to share knowledge – a live gathering of various people and movements to learn from each other and find ways to take collective action. FAF Utrecht takes place at various locations over the weekend and concludes with a full day of outdoor program at Grounded on Sunday 29 May.

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Creating Landscapes is a continuation of curator Paul Schmidt’s work for the IMPAKT Festival 2020 programme Playing Games on a Damaged Earth, featuring panel discussions, student presentations, workshops, and an online game exhibition ( focusing on the potential for climate activism of gaming and interactive/interventionist art.

The exhibition is supported by the Impuls Fund of the City of Utrecht.


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