IMPAKT TV with José van Dijck

Digital Platforms, Data, Algorithms and our Democracy

24 November 2022
20:00 — 21:00

Location: Online: Planet IMPAKT

Professor José van Dijck from Utrecht University will be our guest at IMPAKT TV. Van Dijck is Professor of Media and Digital Society and is a top player in the international field of media studies. In her research, Van Dijck demonstrates the need to critically examine the influence of digital platforms, data and algorithms on our democracy.

Platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook/Meta and Amazon play a crucial part in our digital lives and social interactions. These platforms have become steering forces in the ways in which societies are organised. With their algorithms, they promise instant services and personalised recommendations to make our lives easier. However, platforms are based on commercial values and can only be used in exchange for data about our online behaviour. In her research, Van Dijck investigates how this ‘platformisation’ impacts the ways in which societies are shaped, and explores how the digital society can be organised differently, based on public values such as privacy and autonomy rather than commercial ones.   

This IMPAKT TV episode is hosted by Daniela Tenenbaum (assistant curator and IMPAKT) and Rosa Wevers ((PhD candidate Gender Studies at Utrecht University).


IMPAKT TV is live-streamed every month at Planet IMPAKT. For each episode, we invite an artist, journalist, researcher to discuss the latest news and trends in art, tech and media. We do this by asking them to share a video, meme, song or other viral content that inspired their work. The IMPAKT TV editorial team consists of Arjon Dunnewind (General Director at IMPAKT), Michelle Franke (head of PR at IMPAKT), Rosa Wevers (PhD candidate Gender Studies at Utrecht University) and Friso Wiersum (European Cultural Foundation, Expodium).
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