Why Theory

Ryan Engley & Todd McGowan

5 November 2022
19:30 — 20:45

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

Why Theory is a philosophy podcast that has been running every two weeks since 2017, hosted by Ryan Engley and Todd McGowan. By combining psychoanalytic and Hegelian models of thought, and applying them to contemporary culture, they highlight the intricacies and relevance of these models  to an ever-growing audience that extends well beyond the confines of academia. If their discussions move through a broad field of inquiry – encompassing everything from superhero films to the very structures that undergird language and civilization – they keep returning to one fundamental insight: Contradiction is no dead end but the very condition that makes thought possible. IMPAKT invites Why Theory to bring this insight to bear on the question that stands at the heart of The Curse of Smooth Operations: ‘What if the most dissatisfying technology of all is the one that works?’


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