Julia Mira

Music programme

2 November 2022
22:00 — 23:30

Location: Het Huis Foyer

To close off the opening night with a DJ set by Julia Mira, a multidisciplinary artist from Estonia based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Inspired by a background in painting, as a DJ she takes up music as her palette. Her selections are utterly unpredictable, layering bold brushstrokes of bass with euphoric rave climaxes, rave, and leftfield experimentalism.

Approaching each set like a canvas, a blend of sensations is evoked, leaving sensual, imaginative space for lucid dreams, vivid stories, and an air of mystery to arise. A staunch presence on the airwaves, in addition to LYL radio residency, Julia can be found crafting sets for podcast series and online platforms such as NOODS Radio, Operator, Lyon’s Bamboo Shows, Continuous Movement, Dekmantel Radio, Future Intel, Mutant Radio, Rinse France, NTS, Knekelhuis podcast, Heads Radio (Sameheads) and Proxima Records podcast, just to name a few.


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