Music programme

5 November 2022
22:15 — 23:30

Location: Het Huis Foyer

On Saturday we conclude the festival day in the Foyer of Het Huis Utrecht with a DJ set by Paroah.

Paroah is the moniker of Amsterdam based, Belgian born, sound and visual enthusiast Vicky de Visser. She explores the ambient realms with her monthly mixtape series ‘post-:§:-order’ for Root Radio Istanbul and is working on an upcoming audiovisual album that combines spoken word and field recordings with filmed and performed footage.

When selecting tunes at the club, she is known for heating up the dance floor with curveball after curveball, like a top level game of defensive, high rpm table tennis.

Vicky is co-founder of the sub-label Free Shit of Spooky Shit and is currently active as an electronic music and post-club promoter for Ruisburo at De Ruimte, Amsterdam.

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