Panel Discussion

Platform City

With Ross Exo Adams, Μarta Dauliūtė & Viktorija Šiaulytė and Sarah Kim

4 November 2022
15:15 — 16:30

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

In less than two decades, platform technologies have radically transformed urban space. Companies such as Airbnb, Amazon and Google embody not only new types of enterprises, but also a new culture of how we use their products and services in everyday life. These and other tech giants also engage in the development of smart city concepts that promote data-based solutions to problems of sustainability, energy saving, and mobility. Modern urbanisation has always been a (bio)political project: a technology aimed at the spatial organisation of bodies. How does the integration of urban design, ubiquitous computing, sensing technologies and financialised capital act upon the human body and its relationship to time and space?

The panel is connected to Good Life (2022), a film by Μarta Dauliūtė and Viktorija Šiaulytė that is being screened as part of the festival programme. The film revolves around new start-up models for co-working and co-living that render social life as a business operation. At Platform City, the filmmakers are joined by architect and urban theorist Ross Exo Adams and Sarah Kim, a member of the Mapping the Unjust City collective in Stockholm. Together, the  they discuss the “making-infrastructural of the body” and how the techno-colonisation of cities can be turned around to favour non-extractive practices that help us face the planetary crises ahead of us.



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