GOD MODE (ep. 1)


5 November 2022
21:30 — 22:15

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

An AI destined for deployment in a cashier-less supermarket grows frustrated as it trains endlessly within a simulation – until it finds a bug to cheat its way out.

GOD MODE (ep. 1) is an interactive audiovisual performance exploring the use of simulation in artificial intelligence training. Set within a 3D simulation of a supermarket, the performance centres on an AI delivering a monologue on its condition while being trained to recognise items on shelves. The AI character is voiced and animated by artist duo DMSTFCTN in real-time, and accompanied by a soundtrack composed and performed live by artist HERO IMAGE. Throughout the performance, the audience can interact with the simulation and modify the environment using their phone.

GOD MODE (ep. 1) presents viewers with one possible kind of intelligence that may emerge from systems simulating the real world, and explores the characteristics and limitations of these systems.


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