Matter of Divergence

Alena Alexandrova

6 November 2022
16:00 — 17:00

Location: Steenweg 26

This performative reading taps into the space that is potentially opened up by Corrections and Clarifications, an ongoing publication by Anita Di Bianco. The project is a collection of revisions, retractions, re-wordings, distinctions and apologies by print, online, and on radio news. The IMPAKT Festival 2022 has commissioned Di Bianco to make a new edition of the Corrections looking at press in Dutch and English. Alena Alexandrova’s act of re-reading text fragments activates something dormant in the seemingly simple Corrections, exploring its spillage into the space of literature, of the dust that falls between the conceptual meshes of history and archives. Perhaps Corrections is not a collection, but rather a mechanism that can be set in motion; in its silent murmur, perhaps one would encounter an unexpected grain of one’s own thought. The reading engages with this mechanism and performs alongside of it, using the allure of formal constraints, lists, disappearances, doublings, multiplications, accumulations, and a group of characters always discretely present in the background – the observers.

After this performative reading we invite you to join us for a drink at the Steenweg 26 to close the festival week.


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