LIMA Presents: Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner

EMAP resident artists at IMPAKT

23 November 2022

Location: LAB111, Amsterdam
€7,50 euros // students €5 // Cineville

On 23 November, LIMA teams up with the new filmclub Canal++ and ReCNTR (Leiden University) for the screening of Constant by Beny Wagner and Sasha Litvintseva next to works from the LIMA collection. Beny Wagner and Sasha Litvintseva are the current EMAP resident artists at IMPAKT. Their work Constant was also part of the IMPAKT Festival 2022 exhibition The Curse of Smooth Operations, on view until 8 January in Utrecht.

The selected screenings will reflect on the theme of (the standardisation of) measurement.

The screenings will be followed by a Q&A with the artists. The evening will conclude with the opportunity to catch up at LAB111’s cafe in attendance of the curators and the artists.

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About Constant (2022) by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner
Constant (2022) is a journey through the social and political histories of measurement. For most of recorded history, the human body was the measure of all things. Constant asks: what led measurement to depart from the body and become a science unto itself?” The film explores three shifts in the history of measurement standardisation, from the land surveying that drove Early Modern European land privatisation, to the French Revolution that drove the Metric Revolution, to the conceptual dematerialisation of measurement in the contemporary era of Big Science.

Selected works from the LIMA collection:
The Vasulkas, Telc, 1974
Broersen & Lukács, Forest on Location, 2019
Stephen s’ Soreff, The Flying Eye, 1981
SERVAAS, 4 Poems, 1982

About LIMA
LIMA is a prominent  platform for media art based in Amsterdam. All our activities aim at fostering a critical understanding of media art and technology and sustainable access to media art. At an international level LIMA is a pioneer and centre of expertise in the fields of preservation, research and distribution of media art.

About ReCNTR
ReCNTR is a new interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the advancement of multimodal and audiovisual research methods in the social sciences and humanities at Leiden University, which launched in March this year. ReCNTR will be hosting a talk by Litvintseva and Wagner in den Haag on 24 November.

About Canal++
Canal++ is an Amsterdam-based filmclub founded by Rachael Rakes and Julian Ross.

About EMAP
The European Media Art Platform (EMAP), co-funded by Creative Europe, is a consortium of 15 leading European media art organisations specialised in Digital and Media Art, Bio Art and Robotic Art. Through an open call, EMAP members offer practitioners two-month residencies to create new work.


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