Guided Tour: Post Growth

Special Finissage with DJ's & Drinks

20 May 2022
17:00 — 20:00

Location: IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture

After 2,5 months the exhibition Post Growth (Na de Groei) will come to an end. We decided to make the last guided tour a bit more special than usual. This time your welcome for a guided tour with drinks and music. We invited Mulo and Lars Bleijenberg to kick-off the weekend at IMPAKT! We open our exhibition exclusively until the early evening hours.


Mulo is a Utrecht based dj and music collector. He plays a very wide range of music, depending on the setting and his mood, ranging from slower listening music like synth-pop, jazz, soul and downtempo electronics, to more energetic danceable music like disco, house, breakbeat and experimental electronic music. He always tries to blend together a varied selection to keep the audience engaged and interested.

Lars Bleijenberg: 

Lars Bleijenberg is an Utrecht based Dj and events organizer. He likes to search for music that will make you happy on the dance floor and beyond. This everlasting search for music started when he set up Disko Disko with his friends. A party to introduce Utrecht and many more cities to all sorts of music people need to hear when they go out. 

If this doesn’t get you excited listen to both their Square Sun Sessions to get a glimpse of what they’re playing.



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