SPRING exhibition tour Post-Growth

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14 May 2022
14:00 — 15:00

Location: IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture
Free with a SPRING Festival ticket

Are you visiting SPRING festival this year? On Saturday 14 May at 14:00h, with your SPRING ticket you are welcome to join the special SPRING exhibition tour though our current IMPAKT Exhibition Post-Growth (Na de groei). This is the fist solo-exhibition of the DISNOVATION.ORG collective. SPRING Performing Arts Festival lasts from May 12 to 21. The complete programme can be found at

How long can we continue pursuing economic growth? What ideological, social and biophysical factors precipitate the current environmental crises? What agency is available for transformative practises to avert large scale ecosystemic breakdown?

DISNOVATION.ORG, short for ‘disobedient innovation’, is a research collective set up in Paris in 2012, whose core members include Maria Roszkowska (PL), Nicolas Maigret (FR) and Baruch Gottlieb (CA). They work at the interface of art, research and hacking. More specifically their recent artistic provocations seek to empower Post Growth imaginaries and practises by challenging the widespread faith that ‘economic growth’ and ‘technological fixes’ will solve the ecosystemic disruptions they produced in the first place. Their first Dutch solo exhibition focuses on recent works from the Post Growth series, including a number of impressive installations: at the IMPAKT Centre and in the public realm.

This series of new works invites us to challenge concepts of growth and progress, and explores the radical implications of speculative artistic prototypes, such as an economic model based on energy emitted by the Sun. This research encounters the vital challenges of a shift away from the overexploitation of fossil fuels on which the reproduction of our societies mainly depends today.

This exhibition is an invitation to a collective and practical examination of our shared future, examining the notion of growth, in its many facets and implications, testing the limits of technology, of politics and of our imaginations.

Post-Growth exhibition tour
14 May 2022, 14:00h
IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]
Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht
Free entrance and tour with a valid SPRING ticket

The tour will be both in English and Dutch

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Na de groei is on view until 22 May 2022.
With the support of: City of Utrecht, Creative Industries Fund NL,
Goethe Institut, Production Intérieure Brute, ArTeC Paris, CNC – Dicréam.



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