IMPAKT at Betweter 2023

29 September 2023
— 30 September 2023
18:30 — 01:00

Location: TivoliVredenburg

The design of online interfaces influences the way users form identities and perspectives on the world. is a provocative social experiment that addresses the current issue of online platforms implementing untransparent, non-consensual user tracking to inform the designs of their interfaces. Using the format of a dating platform, integrates this type of user tracking in its core matchmaking system. In this scenario, users come to question just how much can be concluded from their data. is a dating platform and social experiment in one that uses tracking data to find your ideal match. What do your clicks say about you and your preferences in love? How much personality can you actually deduce from the collected data? is made by the clickedy.collective (Lukas Völp, Robin van de Griend, Hennie Bulstra, Leon van Oldenborgh) and is a preview of the upcoming IMPAKT Festival Our Terms, Our Conditions (from 1 to 5 November). The IMPAKT Festival 2023 explores how digital users can reclaim control of our data and gain more say over the technologies we depend so heavily on.



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