Touch Base: a tour & talk

In Touch exhibition tours

10 May 2024
16:00 — 17:00

Location: IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture

As part of In Touch, IMPAKT organises a series of special guided tours to dive deeper into the theme of the exhibition. During these tours, curator Daniela Tenenbaum touches base with interesting minds from different disciplines about skin-to-skin contact, touch deprivation, and sensual touch.

10 MAY — 16:00
As tech is getting more prevalent in our lives, there are little fields left that tech does not interfere with. The sex-tech industry is on the rise, with smart vibrators that have sensors and mobile apps that visualise the user’s orgasms. “Use it like any other vibrator” the company instructs you, “then see your pleasure data on your phone. Soon, you’ll begin to understand how your body responds – and how to make every orgasm more satisfying and enjoyable.”

During this tour, Christl de Kloe, a researcher at Linköping University in the field of sex media and sex cultures, will walk us through the tight connection between sex and technology and look into why we would need an app to tell us how to enjoy sex.



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6 APRIL — 12:00
A research from as early as 2010 claims that having a phone call with your mom releases the same amount of oxytocin in your brain as hugging her. Can it be then that our assumption that face-to-face communication is the best form of communication, is a false one? If we gain the same benefits from hearing someone’s voice, what does that mean about our need for physical touch?

Together with Birgit Hasenack, a researcher at the department of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University, we will discuss the causes and consequences of touch deprivation or ‘huidhonger’ (‘skin hunger’). Social touch is very important for our wellbeing, so what happens if we are not touched enough? Does touch deprivation influence our perception of social touch? Can you still benefit from touch if you never receive it?



Image credits: Frame from the Eye and the Ear, 1945, Franciszka and Stefan Themerson. Tate. © Estate of Franciszka Themerson and Stefan Themerson.


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