Douglas Rushkoff in conversation with Sonia Shah

Climate crisis, the migration of people, animals and plants.

29 October 2020
19:45 — 20:45

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Conversation //

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Douglas Rushkoff was named one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT. For the IMPAKT Festival he talks to investigative journalist Sonia Shah. They present us with a provocative statement: migration is a natural phenomenon. As such, it is only natural that people move away from places affected by the climate crisis. Why is migration still such a contested topic?

In this online conversation Rushkoff and Shah will talk about the climate crisis, the migration of people, animals and plants. Where does our idea of a permanent habitat come from? Can we shift the political debate that is demonizing migration, and focus on the benefits instead? We are living together on a planet on the move; animals and other organisms are moving en masse to the poles or high altitudes, and some people are already being pushed away from their countries by war, floods, rising sea-levels and expanding deserts.

In her most recent book The Next Great Migration: The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move, Shah proposes to see migration as a solution, rather than a problem. Rushkoff and Shah will also discuss Pandemic, Shah’s book from 2016 about the history of viral infections. In this book she makes a connection between the way we treat our planet (through the burning of fossil fuels, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, intensive agriculture, wildlife trade and more) and the spread of infectious diseases.


This conversation is part of a series of two, in which Douglas Rushkoff talks with special festival guests about contemporary social issues. Don’t miss the other conversation with Julia Watson about technology and indigenous knowledge.

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