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This, too, Shall Pass

Moth Loths

Walking Simulator (NZ, 2020)

“These are the last of the good days. Treasure this time. For your world is dying.” The text in the opening screen sets the mood for an exploration of a virtual landscape, an abstraction of our world as it might look like in a few decades under the influence of climate change. We are invited to engage with the desolated earth, and connect step-by-step to the re-growing nature. Both witness and intruder, as players we leave permanent scars in the form of footsteps as we travel along a line of monuments to the human impact on the world we lived in – a world that disappears as we quit the game.

This, too, Shall Pass has just been released with a set of speculative landscapes based on various real world terrains – with one based on Utrecht and exclusively accessible to the visitors of the IMPAKT Festival.



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