CODE 2024 Info session

Get to know more about the programme

4 November 2023
16:45 — 17:15

Location: Het Huis Studio 2

Are you an artist, designer, researcher, software designer or developer? Or are you working in marketing, law, technology, policymaking or politics? Are you interested in human rights and equality? Are you open to working on collaborative projects that can speak to the imagination of a wider audience and inspire them to think about their digital agency? Regardless of what you do, if you are concerned about our digital rights and the lack of agency over the platforms and devices we use, we are looking for you!

CODE is an annual, six-month co-creation project that brings together artists and non-artists from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. CODE supports them over the entire project in a process of collaborative inspiration, development and production. Our partners for CODE are Werktank (BE), PrivacySalon (BE), School of Machines (DE) and transmediale (DE). Together, we have supported over 70 participants who worked in small groups. They have produced more than 15 artworks, installations, performances, plug-ins, interventions and other projects. The CODE exhibition at the IMPAKT Festival 2023 presents a selection of works from the first three years of CODE projects.

There will be two info sessions, one at IMPAKT Festival, and one online. Here you will hear about the CODE programme, and there will be time for any questions you might have.

The first one will take place during the IMPAKT Festival on:

Saturday 4th November, 16:45 – 17:15 at Het Huis Utrecht (Boorstraat 107, Utrecht), Studio 2

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