Part of Don’t Be Evil


by Vladan Joler

Serbia 2020
Installation with print, essay and animated video (17:34 minutes)

At this very moment in the 21st century, we are witnessing a new form of extractivism that reaches into the furthest corners of the biosphere and the deepest layers of human cognitive and affective being. To tackle the truly planetary scale of extractivism, it is necessary to move beyond a simplistic analysis of the relationship between individual human beings, their data and the actions of tech companies.

New Extractivism reveals these interconnections in an effort to make sense of our contemporary reality. This titanic cartographic project is an assemblage of concepts and allegories drawn from a variety of resources: statistical research and data mining, ancient and contemporary philosophy, media theory and fiction, sociology and economics. Together, they form a blueprint for a machine-like superstructure, or ‘super allegory’. A fractal-like allegorical structure. An allegory within an allegory within an allegory.


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