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Roel Heremans

Belgium 2022
Installation with game consoles and BCI headphones

Neurowearables are becoming increasingly common, but the ethical frameworks for these technologies have not kept up with the speed of their development. Researchers at Columbia University created the NeuroRights Initiative to protect five fundamental NeuroRights: Mental Privacy, Personal Identity, Free Will, Equal Access to Mental Augmentation and Protection Against Algorithmic Bias. To increase the tangibility of these NeuroRights and inspire a deeper understanding of their importance, artist Roel Heremans designed five philosophical video games for arcade machines once used for games like Pong, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Players wear a brain–computer interface headset while exploring questions about the future of our NeuroRights in a world where brain–computer interfaces will be everywhere.

On completing the game, the player is offered a QR-code to download a digital printout of a recording of their brainwaves while they were playing. In this way the installation uses the very same strategies it warns the player against.


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