Part of A World Without Us (2018)


Epokhe (The Last Sixth of the Final Hour)

Finland, 2017
Video with stereo sound, 10:00 Min in seamless loop.

A digital doomsday clock repeating the last ten minutes of our planet’s final hour, Epokhe presents a world in which the trusted laws of physics have gone askew. The scene centres on two mountains, one hovering upside-down above the other. Their summits meet in the centre to create a giant hourglass shape. Melting ice from glaciers above rains down; burning forests below send thick smoke up into air. Cold rain, hot smoke, stone and ice particles form an unstable orbit, which rotates around the calm centre of the surrounding chaos. The precarious balance is about to tilt at any moment. For now, the situation seems to continue. A meditation on the idea of the Anthropocene, the high-definition computer-generated landscape consists of short loops reminiscent of gif-animations. This unrealistic and dystopian scene depicts a timepiece arrested in an infinite loop: a projection of deep time into the far future.


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