Part of A World Without Us (2018)

Taavi Suisalu

Subocean Botlights

Estonia / Poland, 2018

Waiting for the light
Wardian cases, plants, (fiber optic) side glow cables, motors, electronics

Touch of the network
Surveyors tripod, lamp, electronics

The series Subocean Botlights departs from the fact that most intercontinental communication is done via glass-fibre cables under the seas. This network carries threads of light as thin as a tenth of human hair while being as existential to technological societies as the sun is for the plants. The artificial sun rays plunge through the oceans and light up our faces via bright screens. Subocean Botlights introduces baits into these networks that lure in threads of light from different parts of the globe generated by creatures of the internet, the bots.

After having crossed the depths of the oceans, this light is transformed into growth and searchlights in the exhibition space.

The project is supported through an EMAP/EMARE artists’ residency at the WRO Center for Media Art in Wrocław (Poland) with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union.


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