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By Felix Ruiter, Roel Weerdenburg and Felipe VDDS (The Netherlands, 2022)

From birdsong to the rustling wind in the treetops and the highway noises: The sounds around the fort are part of its landscape. How does our understanding of a place change when the birdsong is gone? How does a forest walk feel without the sound of swaying treetops? What will happen to the street noise when the fossil fuel has run out? Naklank is an auditory interpretation of the development of the local environment around Grounded Fort Lunet I. The sound installation takes you on a journey through the sounds of a changing climate, down the paths of a speculative landscape.

You will hear a 20-minute composition spread around different speakers among the grass and trees. Feel free to walk around.

Felix Ruiter, Roel Weerdenburg and Felipe von Dobschütz-da Silva have a background in music & technology. Here they built a six-speaker spatial sound installation in the garden of Grounded.



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