Part of Dreaming in Everywhen

Imagining Place through Sound

Michel Banabila

2020 – Soundscape – Duration 91 minutes and 36 seconds

Dutch sound artist Michel Banabila created a composition especially for Dreaming in Everywhen. The work is like a  soundtrack, an ambient mix that leads you on your journey through the landscape of the exhibition. The work, an exploration of transposed bird calls, water sounds, lush drones, sampled voices, cricket choirs, but also with contrasting industrial sounds, sets the tone for a rich ambience as the score for the exhibition of the IMPAKT Festival 2020.

“Via a nature-inspired electroacoustic soundscape I endeavoured to imagine non-existent places as well as reminiscing existing ones. Field recordings, granular FX, sine tones, and found objects are the ingredients for what became an organically built ambient music piece. A multitude of analog sound layers and exotic electronics hint at a somewhat alien atmosphere in this evolving landscape of curiosity and wonder.” – Michel Banabila

(Special thanks to Naseela Amdeeb for additional field recording)


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