Part of Modern Love


David Haines


2013 – Single channel video – duration 9 minutes 25 seconds

David Haines’ work encompasses painting, drawing and video based on images drawn from the internet. He explores digital habits, behaviours and identities in online communities and on dating platforms. David Haines’ mesmerizing video Dereviled is made from smartphone footage depicting people being ‘cured’ of their homosexual ‘disease’ at American evangelical church services, a disturbing look at attempts to purge congregations of homosexuality. Haines reversed the footage and took the subsequent phonetic reversal as the basis the soundtrack.  Phonetic reversal has long been the subject of debate, particularly within the Christian church where subliminal messaging is germane to Satanism. Haines politicizes the situation by undermining the ritual, using the reversed text as lyrics for a club anthem and inserting his own subliminal messages.

Courtesy of the artist & Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam


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