Part of Modern Love

Sparkling Body

Rory Pilgrim

(United Kingdom)
2018 – ink on paper

These two works stem from Pilgrim’s series Software Garden, which consists of performances, a music album, films and drawings. In this project, the artist asks himself how people can connect with each other, digitally or otherwise. How can they make room for empathy, caring and kindness at a time when digital technologies are changing the nature of human relationships? The drawing and the text work are part of Pilgrim’s answer: a dreamy world in which he strives to give new meaning to hollowed-out concepts such as love, freedom, security and solidarity.

Laurie Cluitmans − curator of contemporary art

Collection Centraal Museum, Utrecht/ purchase with support from the Mondriaan Fund 2019

© Centraal Museum Utrecht / Adriaan van Dam

Rory Pilgrim’s Sparkling Body is one of the works from the Centraal Museum collection, in dialogue with the artists from the Modern Love festival exhibition.


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