Part of Modern Love

The Newcomer

J.H. Moesman

(Utrecht, the Netherlands)
1933-1933 – oil on canvas

J. H. Moesman’s ‘Arrival’ is one of the works from the Centraal Museum collection, in dialogue with the artists from the Modern Love festival exhibition.

Thanks to the umbrella, the lower half of a male body makes a safe landing on a rock at the edge of a vast lake, with rain clouds looming above. Joop Moesman based the figure in this painting on a sketch made during a life drawing evening. His decision to use the lower body as an independent motif was seen as a provocation because of the central position of the genitals. The painting by the Surrealist artist was even removed from an exhibition. Moesman’s defence was that the penis was simply there: he couldn’t just leave it out. And it isn’t even erect!

Marja Bosma − conservator moderne kunst


Collection Centraal Museum, Utrecht/ purchase with the support of the Mondriaan Fund, the Rembrandt Association and the VSB Fund 2000

© Centraal Museum Utrecht / Ernst Moritz


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