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Art Goss

(The Netherlands)
2023, Installation and performance

The first performance of WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY will take place during the opening, the second performance is on 23 March 2023. 

WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY is an in-progress textile work and performance that Art Goss creates over the course of the exhibition. In the performance Art Goss finds herself torn between imagining her artist CV as a projection of the future and her failure to deliver the first task at hand. Deeply invested and entangled in a speculative imagining of goals set and targets to be met, she attempts to finish a series of rugs in the exhibition space, while being set back by a number of absurd disruptions; typical for contemporary life as an artist. In a professional climate in which it is impossible to plan for the distant future, Art Goss seeks to challenge the CV as a tool that reproduces false notions of individual agency and equal representation in and access to the art-market.

WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY is the second chapter of Art Goss’s extensive research into the CV. The first chapter, CURRICULUM VETO, took the form of an exhibition and performance. It considered the many forms of ‘wasted’ work – the activities often omitted from a standard CV – and told the stories behind work gaps, work boycotts, refusals to work and care work.



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