Reclaiming Digital Agency

CODE Exhibition

Opening times:
2 – 4 November 2023
Wednesday – Sunday, 11.00 – 23:00

In Studio 2 of Het Huis we present an additional exhibition with a selection of works produced by the project groups involved in CODE. Unfortunately we had to relocate the Reclaiming Digital Agency exhibition, because just recently asbestos was found in Fotodok/Casco location.

From 2–4 November Reclaiming Digital Agency will be exhibited in Het Huis Utrecht, on the first floor, in Studio 2 and in the lobby.
From 8 November – 7 January 2024 the Reclaiming Digital Agency exhibition will continue in IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture], on the first floor. Read more about the changes here 

The main exhibition of the IMPAKT Festival 2023 runs from 1 November 2023 to 7 January 2024 at IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]. Read more about the main exhibition at IMPAKT.

The IMPAKT Festival 2023: Our Terms, Our Conditions continues the discussions we started three years ago with the first edition of CODE: Reclaiming Digital Agency. CODE stands for a code of ethics we want to discuss: ethical and legal standards to which governments and technology companies need to adhere. 

CODE is an annual, six-month co-creation project that brings together artists and non-artists from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. CODE supports them over the entire project in a process of collaborative inspiration, development and production. Our partners for CODE are Werktank (BE), PrivacySalon (BE), School of Machines (DE) and transmediale (DE). Together, we have supported over 70 participants who worked in small groups. They have produced more than 15 artworks, installations, performances, plug-ins, interventions and other projects. The CODE exhibition at the IMPAKT Festival 2023 presents a selection of works from the first three years of CODE projects.  

Exhibition tours

On 2, 3, 4 and 5 November, we are organising exhibition tours with the festival curators and artists, to delve deeper into the festival exhibition Don’t Be Evil

  • Thursday 2 November, start: 13:45 at IMPAKT. Book now
  • Saturday 4 November, start: 12:00 at IMPAKT. Book now
  • Saturday 4 November, start: 13:45 at IMPAKT. Book now
  • Sunday 5 November, start: 14:00 at IMPAKT. Book now

All tours are in English and include a visit to both exhibitions. After the tour through Don’t Be Evil has ended you can go to Het Huis Utrecht, where the tour through Reclaiming Digital Agency will start:

  • Thursday 2 November, start: 15:00 at Het Huis.
  • Saturday 4 November, start: 13:15 at Het Huis.
  • Saturday 4 November, start: 15:00 at Het Huis.

The Reclaiming Digital Agency tours in Het Huis Utrecht are free of charge.

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