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Benjamin Pompe

With Ariel Sin Yu Lee, Charley Harsema, Elijah Hill, Femke Bun, Francesca Vincentie, Iver Bogen Griffiths, Maarten te Paske, Marcella van Dijk and Melchior Koch 

Crescent is an eight speaker set installation, positioned in a circle with each speaker projecting a single voice, expressing an individual narrative. In this way the voices add to one another and form an overarching group narrative. 

A group of singers from culturally diverse backgrounds has joined forces for this project. They come together and explore their connection with the ocean, in relation to each other, as well as their own voice. The group drew on a broad range of inspirations; from local stories and mythology, to the pure textural range of one’s voice. The piece moves between language, spoken word and choral singing, creating a constant flux. 



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