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Sausage fingers, Ripple

Arno Westerberg

Sausage fingers is the title of a sculptural installation that includes a wax cast of a hand, a pillow and a stone. The wax is half translucent and allows flowers, which are cast inside the sculpture to preserve their colour. Sausage fingers is inspired by the artist’s little brother’s frostbitten hand after playing in the snow. The materials for the sculpture were selected intuitively, driven by spontaneous impressions. Flowers cast in wax, like freezing fingers, stiff and tingly. The surface of selenite stone reminds of the texture of meat. 

Ripple is a wall textile picturing a back through which a lightning drizzles down. The title refers to sensations and reactions recorded into a body. How many possible things can one still re-innervate? Do we just forget some sensations over time, or do they remain hidden in the nerves waiting to be activated? 


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