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The Future is Fluid

Elliot McDonald

Cameras surround us, monitoring more than we care to imagine. Surveillance is a part of our lives; yet we seem to ignore it, as if we assume we aren’t what the cameras are looking for. They’re looking for something specific, right? A crime, maybe. 

CCTV footage is more accessible than you might think. The Future is Fluid utilises CCTV footage, collected from from a public source, as a starting point for a science-fiction narrative. Conceptions of different potential futures are etched onto the video material as subtitles. These narratives offer sometimes playful, sometimes dull, and sometimes terrifying glimpses into possible future realities. They reflect on questions that we have started to ask ourselves with increasing urgency: 

Where will the constant progressing flow of technological advances take us? How will these advancements affect our relationships, and our humanity? How can we shape these outcomes? 

The future is fluid. 


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