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Transcending the Moment

Lola Beekhuijzen & Jente Floor Olthof

Perhaps we once experienced reality unmediated, but today our lives seem dictated by the constant pressure to perform moments on social media. The publication of the moment becomes more important than the experience itself, and thus becomes our new reality. This new reality is creating an ecosystem in which our time, surroundings and perception of truth are perceived in changing ways. 

Transcending the Moment is a two-channel video installation. A number of individuals can be seen, reacting to a robotic voice, which leads them through a series of movements. This routine consists of positions that are inspired by the ‘most widely known and most frequently used poses’ on social media. The individuals are placed in different surroundings with the help of a video projection. The focus of the individuals is shifted from their surroundings to the construction of their own body. 


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