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Untitled 2020

Anon Chaisansook

This place has no name. It welcomes what is excluded. 

It is a black hole filled with the unwanted, existing at the centre of spiritual and material worlds, aside from ideologies that praise production and continuous progress. 

This nameless space also represents a temporary condition we fall in and out of frequently. Some of us live with abandoned ruins in their hearts and on their minds forever. At times these desolate continuums become spaces of possibility, activated by their own chaos, and by the decay that others carry inside themselves. 

Yet, not everyone perceives such a place in the same way. It is not an example or an ideal. Rather, it is the world of differences, born out of individual perception. 

Untitled 2020 is an interactive virtual space, where the audience is confronted with a collection of cultural and political artefacts. These artefacts partly originate in Thailand’s official and unofficial history and partly in the artist’s interpretation of his personal experiences. What all these artefacts have in common is their reference to loss, abandonment, suppression and eradication. 


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