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Mélas de Saturne

Josèfa Ntjam

2020, video, duration 11:32 minutes

Mélas de Saturne is set in a fictional space where the oceanic abyss and the Darknet merge. We are introduced to ‘Persona’, a fictional character who embarks on a journey to discover their algorithmic origins, which they hope to find among the ‘Meta population’ living in north-east Cameroon.

Mélas de Saturne visualises a search for identity and connection in a digital world. To what extent do the masks we hide behind in online spaces differ from the roles or personas that we perform in the offline world? What are the limitations and opportunities that technology offers as we explore our identities and search for communities and a sense of belonging? Can the digital world be a place of cosmic connection? The film intertwines the visual language of code and data with references to mythology and cosmology, forming a portrait of the masks we wear – online and offline.

Co-produced with Sean Hart.



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