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Martine Stig

(The Netherlands)
2020, Online platform 

WeAlgo is an online meeting place where participants can communicate through self-designed digital facemasks. It uses facial recognition software to allow users to have face-to-face conversations – without storing their data. By taking the visual language of the algorithmic systems as the starting point for creating the masks, this work makes visible the information that is important to these systems. In this time when we are increasingly finding ourselves in online spaces, WeAlgo also allows its users to maintain a form of anonymity and self-expression. The use of vectors rather than video streaming results in a 95 per cent reduction in bandwidth demand, and therefore CO2 footprint.

WeAlgo is a project by Martine Stig (artist), Stef Kolman (product developer), Tomas van der Wansum (software developer, encryption specialist) and Roel Noback (front-end Javascript developer)


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