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Jonas Ohlsson (NL 2003)

With digital dialogues remixed live by Heimir Björgulfsson and DJ Lonely. Next to being a visual artist, Jonas Ohlsson from Sweden is also a musician. Sound and music are an essential part of his installation work. During the exhibition Ohlsson constantly adds new elements expanding his installation in time and space. Ohlsson has recorded several albums with Heimir Björgulfsson (ex-Stilluppsteypa). Björgulfsson will also participate in the project in the IMPAKT Festival. In a construction that is a cross between a tree hut, a 3-D cartoon and a slum dwelling, Jonas Ohlsson fits out his sound studio. The result is a “Gesamtkunstwerk” centring around the issue of the power and powerlessness of art in a political context. At the opening of the IMPAKT Festival Jonas Ohlsson and Heimir Björgulfsson will perform live in the installation.


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