Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

IMPAKT Event: Connecting Realities with VR & AR

8 June 2019
15:00 — 17:00

Location: IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture

Battle lines still have to be drawn, the rules are not yet in place: new media such as augmented reality and virtual reality offer unique possibilities for creating mutual understanding. While AR might be used to reveal the hidden forces at work in our society, VR can make people embody experiences they never felt before. Feel what it means to be a refugee, swap gender or experience climate change, the possibilities for creating empathy with unfamiliar situations are seemingly endless. During this panel we will discuss the political potential of AR and VR for creating much-needed understanding in a world more divided than ever.

With VR artists Marleine van der Werf, Klasien van de Zandschulp, Jim Brady, artist and theorist Rosa Menkman and Danielle Arets (moderator)

Join us afterwards at 19:00 for The Great Meme and Emoji War! Get a Virtual Agoras day pass and attend both events for €12 (€10 with discount)

These events are part of the IMPAKT series Contested Environments, a series of events looking into new media platforms as uncharted terrains of political debate and opinion making.