IMPAKT TV hosted by Friso Wiersum

TV Guide

28 October 2020
16:45 — 22:00

Location: IMPAKT TV online

In-between the parts of the main festival programme, IMPAKT TV will guide you through the festival with extra reports and interviews with artists and special guests, memes, fun games, waste-poems specially composed for IMPAKT by Utrecht-based poet Ingmar Heytze, Global Warming Hot Yoga videos by Pinar Yoldas and much much more.


IMPAKT TV programme Wednesday 28 October:

IMPAKT TV Opening the Day:
16:45 – 16:54: Introduction IMPAKT TV by Friso Wiersum
16:54 – 17:04: Preview of the evening programme
17:04 – 17:44: Opening and tour though the IMPAKT Festival Exhibition Dreaming in Everywhen
17:44 – 18:20: Introduction HKU Students Exhibition Turning Torrents

IMPAKT TV with overview on WINWIN: 
18:20 – 18:30: Overview opening night
18:30 – 18:50: Interview with Nienke Huitenga (an award-winning immersive designer and creator of WINWIN)

IMPAKT TV previewing the Opening
18:20 – 19:20: with preview of the opening programme:

19:20 – 20:00: Opening night with the introduction of the curators and a performance by WINWIN
20:00 – 21:00: Douglas Rushkoff in conversation with Julia Watson

IMPAKT TV Calling it a Night:
21:00 – 21:10: Preview Thursday programme
21:10 – 22:00: DJ-set by Lars Bleijenberg (Disko Disko)

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