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Looking is the new swiping

Nowadays we do our dating online, swiping endlessly on Tinder, Happn or Bumble to find the man or woman of our dreams or someone for a quick cuddle. We’ve all heard the success stories, but also the many failures: people who look nothing like their profile pics, way too much choice, dull conversations, matches who never get back to you, people who are only after sex, or who chat for six weeks and then stand you up. All those hours of swiping are frustrating, you get swiper’s finger and square eyes – and worst of all, you don’t make any real contact.

At Betweter, IMPAKT and Nadine Roestenburg will present the answer to online dating failure: Finder, a bright-green button with an easy-to-recognise symbol 🔎 that you can wear to show you’re available and to identify other singles. The project is a foretaste of IMPAKT’S forthcoming 2021 Modern Love festival (3-7 November), which will look at how love has been changed by technology.

Stop swiping, and start looking! Embrace the excitement, and sometimes the awkwardness, of offline contact. Smile, look, wink, break the ice – and find real true love.

Looking is the new swiping

The good thing about online dating apps is that you can show you’re available without embarrassment. But now you can also do it ‘for real’. Finder believes it’s a lot easier to make contact if you already know someone’s relationship status.

How does Finder work?  

If you’re single, at Betweter you’ll be given the conspicuous green button with the Finder logo 🔎, along with several specially designed cards to write your phone number on. And what if you see someone you like who’s also wearing a Finder button? Instead of hanging around for half an hour and finally asking if the other person is also on Happn, you can immediately make eye contact, smile awkwardly, wink with both eyes, make a fool of yourself by asking how tall he or she is, and give your number. We’re all looking for love, so embrace human awkwardness, and get your eyes off that phone. Love is in an unexpected glance.

Who’s behind Finder? 

Finder will be presented at Betweter by IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture. It’s a concept devised by Nadine Roestenburg. Marlou produced the logo and the website, and Amber and Pien made it all possible by organising Tilburg Krakers, an initiative by the De Nieuwe Vorst theatre. Read more about Finder here 

Read more about IMPAKT’s 2021 Modern Love festival here 

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