Night of the Non-Humans

1 November 2019
20:00 — 22:45

Location: Het Huis Theatre Hall

Keynote: Kathy High
In her research into the animal world in projects like Embracing Animal and Rat Laughter, High has continuously investigated animal consciousness, emotion and empathy. The recent project Gut Love: You Are My Future offers a glimpse into the complex interrelation between the gut microbiota and its host, and the culture of fecal implantation. The cycle of life, genetics and therapeutic practices all coalesce in the lab as artist studio.


Kathy High is CfH Festival Fellow. This is a part, organized in collaboration with the Center for the Humanities (CfH) Utrecht University.

Performance: Astroecology by Johannes Heldén
In the narrative flow of the piece a personal experiences like the death of a parent, meet scientific theories about existence and our future: the physics of interstellar travel, AI and terraforming, all with a gentle focus on what we’re doing to this planet – species hunted to extinction, climate change, deforestation and more.

Panel: Delete, Reset and Reboot

The day’s performers and presenters (High, Heldén, Davidova and Moll) come together in a discussion panel, presenting critical views on Extinction, Revival, Resurrection, and Immortality as broached by artists, writers, and theorists working with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, science fiction, and (post)biology.

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