Breaking Out of the Box


5 June 2003
— 9 June 2003

Apart from the yearly festival IMPAKT also organizes various other projects, one being IMPAKT Online. With IMPAKT Online we want to contribute to the development of the internet as an artistic medium. Every year IMPAKT supports six artists to complete a project. IMPAKT Online focusses on projects which use the Internet’s special characteristics i.e. projects which exist thanks to the interactive, non-hierarchical complexity of the Internet environment. During the IMPAKT Festival we will present two IMPAKT Online projects within the framework of the “Breaking Out of the Box” theme.

With the “Breaking Out of the Box” theme IMPAKT Online seeks to examine how technology and the Internet manifest themselves on the human level by asking such questions as; where do such online concepts as navigation, avatar, or algorithm find their place in the “real world” outside the computer? And, similarly, where can such physical activities such as performance, protest, or love maintain their “real-ness” in a virtual environment? In short, we seek the point where real-life affects the Internet, and (more importantly) where the internet affects real-life.

The two projects that were selected for “Breaking Out of the Box” are: “Song Lines” by GPSter and “Life a User’s Manual: IMPAKT Walk” by Michelle Teran. During the festival visitors can participate in these projects. The artists will also explain their projects in an edition of the

IMPAKT acknowledges the gracious support of De Waag Society for technical support in realizing these projects for the festival.


Life a User’s Manual: IMPAKT Walk
Utrecht: The city is a game board in where every story, every piece stands on its own, but at the same time is part of an intricate jigsaw puzzle. Within the public physical spaces and private interior spaces contain traces of fragmentary personal [hi]stories tied together by an invisible network of media. Artist Michelle Teran will guide festival goers through this media network by discovering the hidden, wireless surveillance cameras behind building walls and shop windows. Using two cameras, and a 2.4 Ghz audio/video receiver, they will start from the heart of the festival and move out through the entire centre of the city. How people inhabit these hidden ‘image spaces’ while inhabiting physical outdoor spaces will be revealed through the daily practice of walking. Teran will make two walks daily with three persons accompanying her, beginning from the Festival Desk. The results of the discoveries made during these walks will be screened daily, during each 15:00h and 20:00h screening in the Cinema, as well as on the IMPAKT Online website:

The work of GPSter uses the coordinates provided by the GPS (Global Positioning Service) network to link data to physical locations in space, which can then be discovered through the use of portable, wireless-enabled devices. The “Songlines” work takes its inspiration from Australian aboriginal tribes, who chant a melody in time with their step while travelling. This provides a cognitive map of their terrain created by their ancestors. The 21th century wanderers of Impakt’s songlines will use portable wireless devices to follow thousands of midair messages, containing text, audio, and image, which is geographically encoded to various locations around the Centraal Museum. GPSter will make two walks daily, beginning from the Festival Balie at the Centraal Museum. Interested participants must bring their passport in order to check out the GPS equipment. The general public will also have an opportunity to contribute their own text, sound and image to the project from a special online interface on the IMPAKT Online website:

Wednesday, 4 June, 20.00h, Cinema
Discussion with Michelle Teran, Marc Tutors (GPSter) and Wilfried Houjebek ( See ‘’ .

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