27 October 2018
20:00 — 21:00

Location: Het Huis Theatre Hall

In “The If Borderlands,” the American poet Elise Partridge (1958–2015) wrote about life as a series of roads not taken, about what if this other thing—not the thing that actually happened—would have happened. “We raid the warehouses of inerrant fortune cookies,” Partridge wrote, longing for lost loved ones, lost passports, and for a globe “tender as a peach,” that might have been.

What this festival has named “algorithmic superstructures” sees its front end in the shopping mall internet of social media and clickbait news. This formation is, perhaps, only mirroring the final stages of our own uninterrupted attention. What would have happened, or what would happen, if we’d raided, or would raid, the warehouses of inerrant fortune cookies, and took the road not taken: exiting the superstructure, simply leaving, from within?

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