Part of Modern Love

Dear D

Marge Monko

2015 – Video, duration 8 minutes 10 seconds


Drawing on psychoanalysis, feminism and theories of visual culture, Marge Monko uses photography, video and installation to explore historical as well as current events. Recently, her work has also investigated the discourses of romance and its implications in advertising, commercial displays and the Internet. His recent projects ponder on love in the digital age – which could be characterised by the presence of voice and the absence of body – and explores the possibility of forming an emotional bond only through textual or aural interactions.

Dear D is a video that explores contemporary ways of declaring one’s love. It was recorded entirely on a computer screen, depicting the reluctant process of writing a love letter, interrupted by browsing online and switching between tabs, windows and image files. The text includes several references, from the writings of writers such as Chris Kraus and Siri Hustvedt to sociological research by Eva Illouz on love and the Beatles’ song Something, considered a love song to Pattie Boyd, George Harrison’s first wife.


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