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Family portraits

Maria Mavropoulou

2017-ongoing – Photographs (Archival inkjet prints on Luster Photo Paper). Floor: Statistics inscribed on adhesive foil


Maria Mavropoulou’s multimedia project Family Portraits are the result of a quest to understand the new realities emerging from our use of connectible devices. The series of photographs presented here are ‘portraits’ of domestic interiors without people that focus on the screens owned by the absent people. Mavropoulou looks at these devices from a different perspective: as ‘family portraits’ in which the relationship between subject and object is reversed. In the domestic scenery of our everyday private lives, the multitude of glowing, immersive ‘gates’ promise limitless possibilities. Never before has communication been so easy. Information, entertainment, human connection and more are now available anywhere and anytime, breaking the bond with our physical reality. Social networks and countless apps serve our need for human interaction, but could it be that we have achieved the opposite? Have these devices made us wiser or have they just created a multidimensional mirror in which we mostly seek our own reflection? Have these extensions of our hands facilitated new and meaningful experiences and relationships, or have they simply replaced our best friends, family, even lovers? Family Portraits prompts us to think about all these questions.


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